Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014

I'm buying a kite shop!  That's all I'm saying about that.

This morning, until about noon, it was gorgeous!  I can't wait to paint in March, April and May.  If it's going to be anything like what the last couple of days have been like, minus the wind, it's going to be fantastic painting!

I'm afraid that it was not a very news worthy day on the painting frontier.  Yes the damn wind was blowing hard, but other than that, pretty uneventful.  I think I'll leave it at that.  Other than to say that the last 6 paintings I've painted, yesterday's last two, and the four today, are painted on the acrylic primed hardboard.  I like the absorbency of this surface, for now.  I have all of the Centurion OP Dlx panels ready to go, and will probably be back to them tomorrow or the next day.  Like I mentioned yesterday or the day before, I am one who likes to change out materials once in awhile.  Especially when painting this intensely.  Keeps me on my toes because every surface has it's own peculiarities and ways it needs to be handled.

The last painting today was painted very fast, less than 30 minutes.  The wind had shown up and was blowing in full force.  I didn't have the interest in fighting the rocking of the panel holder for long, so I pulled up in my back yard, next to my studio, and painted it.

Thanks for checking in... Enjoy!

2-19-1 "Lightning"
Oil - 8x10

2-19-2 "Calm"
Oil - 8x10

2-19-3 "Goose Ice"
Oil - 8x10

2-19-4 "Long View"
Oil - 8x10


Unknown said...

Nice ones Marc! Might try a teen lb weight in a backpack with your gear suspended under a tripod pochade setup. I use a simple box with bungee chord which theres no chance of a panel budging. I have a pic of my setup at the end of a jetty on a stormy windy day and had no worries leaving it be. A Kite shop :)

Dave Casey said...

Wow! Wish I could paint something that grand in twenty minutes. I think I'll head out to Red Rock Canyon this afternoon and do a little plein air. Should be a frigid 73 degrees out there. :)