Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

I can't believe it, but today marks the half way point!  That means that for two weeks I have neglected absolutely everything in my life, except for being outside painting every day.  And it shows...

It looks like the painting gods have decided that this mid point is a good place to make an improvement on the weather too.  Temps are up, and I can't tell you how good that feels, after two weeks of chilling it out there.  Sadly, the snow is nearly all gone now.  There was more around today than I thought there would be, but with what's forecast for the next two days, and beyond, snow is probably a distant memory for now.  Except... last year, we had 12" on May 2.

I spent 3/4's of the day on 61st St, which is only open part way due to the bridge over the St Vrain being too damaged to use.  I was there last night too.  I've noticed lately that I have become a magnet for conversation.  Today on four occasions,  visitors stopped to "chat".  I meet the most interesting people while painting.  Most of them, harmless.  Yesterday I met a guy who is a photographer, and who seemed to know the entire history of the area, going back to before white settlement.  This morning, met another photographer who has recently returned to Longmont, where he grew up, to re-establish his photography business... Virtual Photo Tours?.  This afternoon I had a nice talk with a guy who creates art using antlers from elk and deer that he harvests or finds while hiking.  Makes some great pieces, and he knew a million places that he suggested I go paint, or take my bow with when it's the right time.  The last nice couple I met, and their dog Rosy, supply retailers, main supplier to Cabela's, with field guides and maps.  We had some common connections there, since my publisher of wildlife art has a long connection to Cabela's, and I also had some experience illustrating a field guide for National Geographic years ago, another business who they deal with extensively.  Needless to say, this all takes quite a bit of time.... but I enjoy the interaction with interested people.

I was looking for an appropriate Valentine's image today.  Best I could do was the second painting.   I know, it's just a red fence and barn.  That's it, no hearts or other normal Valentines objects out there in the country side.

Thanks for looking in... Enjoy!

2-14-1 "Morning Warms" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-14-2 "Valentine's Day" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-14-3 "Eroded" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-14-4 "Willow Central" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014


Anonymous said...

Mark, great post today, and lovely paintings as always. Love that you shared the interaction of the people you met.

kristina vandersnick said...

Great paintings! Looks like a great Valentines to me. ;)

Art Tyndall said...

don't get many days here in eastern north carolina to paint snow therefore i really enjoy your blog and your helpful hints...

Jo Castillo said...

I'm enjoying your journey as always. I love the red barn. Super paintings and love hearing about the adventure of it all as well. Thanks.

Michiel van den Heuvel said...

Inspiring work! Keep it up good sir!