Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 13, 2014

Living in Minnesota, the joke is that if you can't find something nice to say, you can always talk about the weather.  I think that's a trait that I adapted during my 33 years there, and will probably continue to hold onto until the day I'm done.  So, I'm not complaining... I'm just offering up some conversation that just happens to include the weather.  Outside of a painting not working, or some weirdo or wild animal, the weather is the only other interesting thing about a day of painting that is worth writing about!

Speaking of the weather, on one hand today, it was so warm it was T-Shirt weather!  On the other hand, it was so windy that I had to take a long lunch time, stalling act, to try to put off having to stand out in it.  The gusts were way over 20 or 30 mph... the steady winds were over 20 mph at one point.  I have a lot of outdoor hobbies and there is only one where the wind is a 'favorable' thing to have going on... that's sailing a boat.  ANY other outdoor hobby I indulge myself in, wind is the nemesis.  Today the wind was KING NEMESIS!

I started the first painting with a light weight shirt on, sun beating down on my gloveless hands, and a big smile on my face.  I was just about to consider washing the brushes and scraping the palette on it, when I heard what sounded like a B-747 bearing down on me.  It was the wind!  The next painting was a ballet, or better yet, a boxing match, between the panel being violently whipped by the wind, and my hopelessly aimed brushes, which were trying to escape my grip for the calm comfort of the Honda.

After a LONG lunch, I headed back out to see if there was anywhere that was sheltered from the wind.  I was worrying that time was running out, that I was going to be left with only two paintings today.  At the last hour, about 3:30, the winds died down a little bit.  Enough to make painting the last two, in about an hour and a half, a possibility.  I painted 'Ditch Tails', then turned around and saw an amazing light effect behind me.  Compositionally it wasn't great, but it was all about the the light effect, the color of the mountains in shadow, with the land lit up and glowing.  That one was painted in about 25 minutes, very fast.

The temps today and the wind totally melted the snow, other than in deeply shadowed areas.  I cannot wait to get out there tomorrow with all of the wet darks of the mud, and the warm tones of the grasses of last season.

Thanks for checking in... Enjoy!

2-13-1 "Old Farm" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-13-2 "Wicked Wind" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-13-3 "Ditch Tails" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-13-4 "Hygiene Rd at 59th St" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

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