Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 23, 2014

Today was a light day with only two paintings brought home to post.  I did a third, but ended up wiping it off.  I was goofing off with some things that I needed to get for the house, and I also think my body is saying "Hey, it's Sunday...!".  Oh well, it just means I'll make these two up in the next day or two.  My meals this month have mostly been grab and go, especially at night.  By the time I'm done with all the painting and blogging, I hardly feel like cooking, and am tired enough not to want to go out to eat.  I think I will tonight.

I went back to South Boulder Creek to paint the same spot as the first one from yesterday, but with a new light dusting of snow.  It was chilly, but nice.  The second one ended up being painted in my backyard.  Both are pastel on Wallis 'Belgian Mist'.  I'm including some pics of my pastel set up, some have asked about it.  It's made of inch plywood, and works like a popular manufactured one on the market.  Mine is larger and heavier duty than the commercial varieties, in part so that it will hold the large Dakota Traveler pastel box.  It works great, and is very stable when it's on that Monfrotto tripod.  I like this versus a pastel box that mounts on the tripod head.  For one, the weight of the pastels box with pastels is so great that you almost need an industrial strength tripod that comes with it's own transporter to support them.  I also like not having to worry that I'm not going to turn the wrong knob on my tripod head, and dump the entire box.

Thanks for looking in... Enjoy!


2-23-1 "South Boulder Creek"
Pastel - 8x10

2-23-2 "Tree Mood"
Pastel - 8x10


Anne said...

I love the tonalist feeling in the bottom painting. All of those lovely greys sure set the mood. Deceptively simple, lovely.


Jo Castillo said...
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Jo Castillo said...

I really enjoy these pastel works. Thanks for sharing your equipment. Very nice. These are very wintery but warm at the same time. You are an inspiration.