Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

And I thought yesterday was windy!  I'm going to stop complaining about it, because one thing I've learned about the wind here, it may never go away, so I'm going to have to deal with it. 

This morning I just didn't think I wanted to stand out in it.  We awoke to gusts in the 30mph range and higher.  So I grabbed the acrylics and thought I may spend the day in the van, with the windows open, painting from it.  I did that for the first one this morning, couldn't stand doing it for many reasons, like being cramped and not being able to move my arms freely, so painted the rest of the day standing out in the crazy winds.  It was so windy that I used a cinder block hanging from my tripod, to steady it.  The wind kept unscrewing my panel holder from the quick release plate underneath it.  I've never have had that happen before!  

I painted two in the afternoon, had a good start on the 4th one of the day, but ended up chatting with some passerby's so long that by the time I returned to the painting, the entire lighting situation was gone... not just a little different... gone.  Considering yesterday's number of paintings, and the extreme conditions today, I decided enough was enough, and scraped the last one off.  

Funny thing is, even in all of this crazy, annoying, difficult to paint in weather, I always go home with a big smile on my face.  I mean, how much better can it be than spending all day, every day, out in Mother Nature trying to find a way to express how wonderful you feel she is???  It can't be any better!

You may see some sand and other debris in a couple of these paintings.  It will come off once the paint is dry.  Also, I painted these on acrylic primed hardboard today.  And will again tomorrow.  Not sure why?   I like to switch things up to keep it interesting. 

Thanks for checking in... Enjoy!

2-18-1 "St Vrain Farm"
Oil - 8x10

2-18-2 "Ditch Gate"
Oil - 8x10

2-18-3 "Animal Farm"
Oil - 8x10


Nick said...

Hi Mark,
Looking at these beautiful oil paintings you have made, I’m certain that you are someone who values nature to the max. I loved all your paintings but the ones that displayed different seasons of the year are truly amazing. It would be wonderful if you could put them all together and make one unique oil paintings .

Randall said...

Ok wow that is windy if a cinder block is used lol.