Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014

As my dad used to say, "If I was a betting man..."!  And, if I were, I'd take odds that on March 1st I wake up to blue skies, calm winds, 72ºF and 20% humidity, with birds chirping and some green beginning to show in the sunlit areas of the pastures.   Wait... that was a dream I had!  Never mind...

I had a plan today, to paint.  Actually, I'm going to make anyone who is reading this, and would like to paint more than they're able to due to what ever is keeping them from it... jealous.  Because that's the only plan I have had every day of this month.  Get up, have coffee, b-fast... and go paint!

What I didn't have planned, was to get so chilled today that I would find myself approaching being hypothermic.  Especially since I've had a fair amount of wintertime outdoor experience in the way of skiing (x-cty skiing and winter camping), hunting, fishing and of course... painting.  And especially since the temps today were not too low, mid-20's to mid-30's.  But it was the wind, that drove the chill right through all of the layers I had on.

I went to a near by wetland area and wildlife sanctuary pretty early this morning, after taking care of some personal and family business.  My thought was that since the winds were howling already, in the 25-30 mph range, with higher gusts, I would stay at this one location and paint all of my daily paintings there to save the hassle of loading it all up more than once.  By about 1:30 I had finished up 3 paintings, and thought, "Great, I'll get at least another one or two done.".  By the time the 3rd one was done, I knew I was colder than cold.  I was all set up, had the easel weighted with the bag of tire chains, the brush caddy weighted with a big rock, easel legs splayed out with a wide footprint to keep it from tipping over.  But I had been beaten up by the wind, and chilled enough to feel the need to go sit in my van with the heater, and radio, on to warm up my body.  Not just to warm the toes and fingers, I was chilled to the core.  I sat there for about 30 minutes, I still didn't warm up.  I thought "What the heck, I'll go do another one.".  But when I got out of the van,  I felt like I remember feeling when home sick with the flu in the past... I was shaking with chills, and couldn't stop.  After sitting in the warm van for a half an hour, I literally couldn't stand to be out of the van.  I may be crazy to be out there painting at times, but I'm not stupid.  I grabbed my painting gear, threw it in the van, and headed to the closest restaurant I could think of, to have a giant bowl of hot soup.  It helped, A LOT.

I tried one more painting in the late afternoon.  It just didn't work out.  I was miserable beyond normal.  That's including painting earlier in the month in -12ºF temps, and in the snow.  That felt warm, comparitively speaking.  I wiped out the last effort and accepted that I had a good day, and called it.

I just heard on the local weather that it's going to be as bad, or worse tomorrow.  We'll be looking at 40-50 mph gusts tomorrow.  I learned my lesson, and will take some "sitting in the van with heater on" breaks in between paintings.

Now I'm home, with more hot soup on the stove, and a glass of a good, blood warming, Malbec.  I'm satisfied with the effort today, even if it fell slightly short of my own expectations.

Thanks for checking in... Enjoy!

2-20-1 "Sawhill #1"
Oil - 8x10

2-20-2 "Sawhill #2"
Oil - 8x10

2-20-3 "Sawhill #3"
Oil - 8x10 


Charles Snell said...

Marc - thank you for sharing your work! It's beautiful! (A classmate at my weekly painting class told me about your latest work...) You have some good advice on dealing with the cold and the wind.

Jesse said...

Great work despite the conditions! Besides rain, wind has been my biggest enemy.
I mistakenly brought my light kit to the beach one day, it started to blow over while I was holding it. The wind kicked up so hard,the easel broke and went into the sand, leaving me still holding the easel leg!

Marsha Savage said...

Marc, I cannot even begin to imagine how you really felt ... though I have been as cold. But, I was not in what I thought was "have to do this" mode. Glad you realized what was wrong and took action ... to get your body warm. I am enjoying your "saga" and you really do inspire the rest of us to buck it up and get out there.

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying your posts. You are such an inspiration! Don't catch cold.

Roberta @ ArtcyLucy Studio said...

Marc, I've really enjoyed every blog post this month...and I look forward, every day, to seeing what you have done. Your drive and determination, really inspire me. I am glad you warmed up...we need you to get through to your goal this month!!! :-) Keep painting.... by the way, the Sawhill #3 painting...those colors and that wonderful!