Friday, February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014

Today was windy, but warmer, and that made all of the difference in the world.  In fact, it was much windier than yesterday, when I about froze, but we hit the upper 50's most of today.  I saw about 8 eagles in a park in town.  A couple of them were soaring, but moving backwards for a bit!  The ducks on the lakes didn't look like they were too happy to be floundering in the white caps either.

I went back to Sawhill Ponds right  away this morning, painted the 'Windy Shore', and said that's enough of that!  The cool breeze coming off of the water in 40 - 60 mph gusts was too much.  Thinking of somewhere that I could find a wind break, and still have something to paint, I headed back to the ranch, where I live.  There are several out buildings, a couple of old fences, and weeds and trees to paint.  It was the right choice.  The last three paintings were all painted in what is basically my backyard.

It's very likely that this month is going to end and there isn't going to be a "nice" day to paint!

Thanks for checking in...

2-21-1 "Windy Shore"
Oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-21-2 "Backyard 1"
Oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-21-3 "Backyard 2"
Oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-21-4 "Backyard 3"
Oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014


Linda M. Epstein said...

hmmm, nice backyard, nice having that! Been very much enjoying your work and your forays into the elements from the comfort of a house on the eastern shore. So far, not so dramatic as most of the east coast!

Unknown said...

This is great work! I just love your February project. I can't wait to stop by in the morning to see what was out there yesterday. A fine thing!

Diary of a Madd Weekly Painter said...

I, too, have been enjoying your challenge. I have done Leslie Saeta's challenges @ 1 a day for month. It was very intense so I'll never try 4 a day!! But you are a professional ..
Love your work and hope someday to take your workshops.