Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 25, 2014

Ok... I've hit the subject matter "recognition" wall.  I started out eager to paint the sky this morning, thinking that would be good exercise for me to do, just paint clouds.  We had a great sky before 9 a.m..  That's when I painted the first one.  From then on, the atmosphere went slowly gray, ending in flurries.

Without sun for good light /shadow contrast, or snow for good patterning and value contrast, I was at a loss today to fill my quota.  The over all flat grayness of the day was tough to tune into and find anything that excited me at all.  I found three paintings, but it was a struggle to even find that many.  I think I drove around more today than I have all month.  Hopefully today was the wall and tomorrow I'll be on the other side.

I painted back out by my prairie dog buddies for the second painting, Prairie Dog Blues.  I named it that because while painting, an absolutely stunning Golden eagle slowly drifted overhead, causing a flock of magpies, and the prairie dogs to go nuts!  The eagle was fighting pretty good winds, yep, windy again.  So it slowly wandered in lazy 8's, back and forth over us.  For me it was a great experience.  For the critters in the area, a nightmare.  It floated off eventually as I watched it until out of sight about a half mile or more away.

The last one for today, That White Fence, was painted on the north half of 61st St.  The road I paint a lot on, that was in the heart of the flood disaster.  I picked a day when there was a solid train of large semis making their way down to the river to dump dirt.  It made painting a little unnerving.  It's a dirt/gravel road, it was a tight fit for us all.  I see this place all of the time, with this very long white fence going around the property.  I don't know what is in there, other than some farming, some trucking and who knows what else?  I'm glad I painted it finally.

Thanks for looking in... Enjoy! (Snow falling now)

2-25-1 "Huge Layers"
Oil - 8x10

2-25-2 "Prairie Dog Blues"
Oil - 8x10

2-25-3 "That White Fence"
Oil - 8x10


Amanda said...

Grey days can be great - the Australian tonalist painter, Clarice Beckett, is famous for them. http://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/col/work/5840

Laura said...

I'm really enjoying watching your perseverance and your process as you fight to find paintings every day. It's an encouragement and I love your work. Thanks for sharing!

Jo Castillo said...

I love the eagle story. One of the things I like about plein air is the critters. I enjoy your paintings and this project.