Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Another winter wonderland today!  And finally, some sun began to make itself known.  I didn't get a start until almost noon today because I had some errands to run.  My painting time was pretty limited, about 5 hours.  Today's conditions went from almost NO value difference, to good contrasting values.  Since the days are lengthening, there was some really gorgeous light towards the end of the afternoon.  Those are the kind of effects that, if you want to try to grab them, you had better paint fast.  The last two paintings were painted without haste, not fast in the sense that I was slapping on paint willy nilly.  But fast and precise, getting an idea and holding on to it while the scene in front of me changed every few minutes.  I'm addicted to that kind of energy, the fast changing landscape.

Whenever I begin to feel like I'm getting too myopic, I look for something out there that will break that trend.  I prefer to grab the moment, not the afternoon.

I see a lot of critters every day, here are a few shots of some of what is around here.  I'm usually shooting with a point and shoot or my iPhone, so the quality isn't great.

The paintings... Thanks for looking in!

2-10-1 "White Land" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-10-2 "Coot Lake" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-10-3 "Finally, Sun!" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014

2-10-4 "Breaking Sky" - oil - 8x10
©Marc R. Hanson 2014


Linda M. Epstein said...

"met" you several years back, following you through an April month. Glad to be following you again on this adventure. Thanks for sharing, both your paintings and the neighbors.

Christine Corver said...
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Beth Bathe said...

Marc, I am loving your paintings. I would love to ride shotgun with you and look over your shoulder as you paint. Love love love your trees. I am a late bloomer, just started painting a couple of years ago. I would love to study with you, any workshops coming up?

Israel Yang said...

I love all the lovely greys here with warms and cools.