Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 27, 2014

Wait...Clone today too!  Truly a beautiful day in most every way.  I took a drive down to Boulder to the South Boulder Creek trail area early.  I think it was already nearly 40ºF by the time I arrived, with skies that were a mix of great clouds and blue sky, mostly clouds, but with a lot of open sky and sun shining on parts of the landscape.  To me, this is the best kind of sky for painting.  I love the mix of shadow and light on the land.

By lunch, however, the skies in that area had filled in, but I had 3 paintings done and was satisfied with the morning. After lunch, I wandered back towards Longmont, stopping at Sawhill Ponds, and then on next door to Walden Ponds.  Walden Ponds was just perfect for painting today.  So I grabbed the gear and started hiking into the park.  There were ducks and other birds all over the place, spring is certainly getting close.  To my delight, I found a wonderful wetland area, a pond created by beavers who were active very recently, judging by all of the downed trees.  I noticed that park personnel have skirted the remaining trees with chicken wire to stave off the busy beavers.  I saw paintings all over the place, and was eagerly anticipating spending the rest of the afternoon, until sundown, painting.

I started my 4th painting of the day, "Beaver Work", and was happily painting along, noticing bird watchers with spotting scopes all around the area.  About 10 minutes into the painting, a sheriff deputy comes hiking in and walks up to me.  I figured she was curious, wanted to see what I was painting, right?  NO... She says that "Technically, you're trespassing!"  I was shocked... I had walked around the lake from the main path, kind of on the heels of a lady with a spotting scope who was counting waterfowl.  I'm a life long outdoor sportsman, and have NEVER trespassed while hunting or fishing.  It's against my rules of behavior.  It's closed because the flood blew out the walls of most all of the ponds, and the trails are all blown out too.  So it's a danger issue, which I can understand.

Evidently, there are huge signs on the gates.  I saw one of these gates and signs on the way out... a steel gate, propped up on a trail, no connecting fence, just a lone gate (funny looking) with a very large yellow "Park Closed" sign attached.  She told me there were three of them I would have had to go past.  I told her that I did not go past even one, I came in on the shore of the lake, off of the trail, that I now know was open, so did not pass any gates.  Plus, there were at least 3 spotting scoped birdwatchers in there ahead of me.  But, so be it.  I had a nice talk with her about the park, looks like it won't be repaired for a year or more, at least.  Pella Crossing near me in Hygiene, isn't even on the repair slate so far.  The flood really wrecked havoc on the places that make this such a nice place to be able to experience the outdoors in.

I had barely blocked this painting in, about where it's still at, and was disappointed to have to quit.  She told me that I could take 4 or 5 minutes to finish up, pack up and leave.  I painted a few more minutes, took it to the point it's at here, all while she stood there and watched and talked, then packed up and she escorted me out. :)

It had a lot of possibilities... then it didn't happen.  And it won't, unless become a covert plein air painter!!!

Thanks for looking in... Enjoy!

2-27-1 "Over Flat Irons"
Oil - 8x10

2-27-2 "Creek Bend"
Oil - 8x10

2-27-3 "Subtle Warmth"
Oil - 8x10

2-27-4 "Beaver Work"
Oil - 8x10

2-27-5 "Wigeon Whistles and Redheads"
Oil - 8x10

2-27-6 "Slate Light"
Oil - 8x10
This painting was a very fast attempt at capturing a fleeting sun effect as it was slipping behind clouds for good.  


Rick J. Delanty said...

Marc Hanson,
you are a wonder--not only skilled and dedicated, but INDEFATIGABLE in your passion: tire chains to weight your tripod, bracing against freezing wind, thrown out by rangers, painting when the weather is the worst of grays--impressive and inspiring!!
Wishing you the very best for an unbelievable and fulfilling Final Day!

Rodrica said...

What an inspiration you are to this Vermont plein air painter. Thanks for letting me join your month of painting daily.

Kim Carlton said...

Dood, "...capturing a fleeting sun effect as it was slipping behind clouds for good." Such poetry under such profound and powerful beauty. Bravo. SK.