Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2, 2014

Sun at last!  What  a gorgeous day it was today.  The sun and new, dry snow, was refracting spectacular color all day long.  The warmth of the sun didn't hurt either.  The morning started out very overcast, but by the time breakfast was over, it was burning through and warming the landscape.  All day long the Front Range was barely visible, there is so much moisture in the air.  I'm not sure what's in store for tomorrow... it doesn't really matter... but I sure did like the sunshine today.

These photos are the best I am able to do at the time of night, with the lack of good light, that I have to work with.  They are approximations to what the original color is.

2-2-1 "Lemon Sun" - oil - 8x10 
©2014 Marc R. Hanson

2-2-2 "White Faces" - oil - 8x10
©2014 Marc R. Hanson

2-2-3 "Crane Hollow Tree" - oil - 8x10
©2014 Marc R. Hanson

2-2-4 "Grouping" - oil - 8x10
©2014 Marc R. Hanson


Nyle Gordon said...

Had to stop watching the Super Bowl and check out your new paintings! You have inspired me to double my output on plein air paintings. Not up to four a day yet. Great start in Feb. Go Broncos! Nyle Gordon

Melody Watson said...

Marc, these are incredible! Artistic, though not a fine artist myself, I am nonetheless surrounded by artists and am continuously amazed by what can be done on canvas. My friend Phyllis Sharpe turned me on to your art and to your 28 Day Project, and a lover of unfolding stories, I very much look forward to following along from afar. I hope you enjoy it even more than you anticipate...

Dave Casey said...

Four more beauties. I love that Lemon Sun painting.

Jan Sohl said...

This is looking to be a great project! Love the work and looking forward to each day's stories.....Thanks, Mark! One there a way to "like" this for facebook?


Carol Flatt said...

The most beautiful "snow" paintings I've ever seen! Wow!